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Design – practiced with principle, intention, foresight & responsibility will shape the future.


I solve problems through design.

My name is Alexia Georgiou. For the past seven years, I have branded professionals, products, and companies throughout my Advertising, Design and Startup career. I specialize in helping clients find the truth within their brand, which sets them apart to command premium prices for their product and/or services.    

Passionate about design thinking and detail, I love combining focused concepts with strong type and image to create memorable designs that connect with their audience. 

So much of the world of branding that we live in today is about creating an inauthentic specific perception. I won't instruct you to fake it – but want you to be genuine. The success of, The Art of A Standout Brand, is to be open, honest and truthful. By applying that consistent manner to my design program, you will achieve a rock-solid, memorable, standout brand. Not only will you attract new customers, but also keep current customers engaged so that you can generate new profit, increase income without having to fight out competitors, gain brand loyalty, and establish a lasting legacy.


Design truly is the key to the success of your brand.


Some selected achievements & credentials.


Rochester Institute of Technology: BFA, Graphic Design – 2010


Master of Design: Massimo Vignelli & Armando Milani – 2010

Master of Design: Massimo Vignelli & George Lois – 2011


Best Interactive Media Website – ADDY Gold 2012

Student Self-Promotional Piece – ADDY Gold 2010

Advertising for the Arts & Science Innovation – LADDY 2010

Advertising for the Arts & Science
Mixed/Multiple Media Campaign – LADDY  2010

2nd Place–General Mills Packaging Competition – 2010